Meet Jacqueline Davidson and Steve McCleeary
Steve and Jacque

Jacqueline Davidson

jacqueDGrowing up, my claim to fame was “I am the most unathletic person you will ever meet.” I was the last person chosen for team sports and I wasn’t actually chosen, I was just last, so they ended up with me. In 2004, I signed up to do an Olympic Distance Triathlon for Team In Training to support my two-year-old nephew who was diagnosed with Leukemia. This started my mantra: If I can do it, you can do it. I began working with a trainer in 2004 and loved it. In 2007, I studied and received my Personal Trainer certification. I had a brief hiatus when I returned to school, recovered from back pain and had surgery. After that, it was a long process, but I put myself back together. 

I think it’s important to share where I have come from so clients know I have a real fat to fit story. With my experience, I can coach you to become the best you can be, no matter what your age or fitness level.

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Steve McCleeary

steveMI was diagnosed with kidney cancer in October of 2010 which resulted in removal of part of my left kidney. Shortly after that a cancerous melanoma was removed from my back. Fortunately there have been no recurring issues with cancer. The benefit for me was a renewed interest in my health. A close friend invited me to start walking at lunch time. Starting workout's at A Lifetime of Fitness was the best decision I have made in the last 10 years. I weighed nearly 280 lbs. Jacque started me at a level that challenged me but was achievable. I couldn't do any sit-ups and only 2 push-ups. Today I run 3 miles 3 days a week, weigh 204 lbs, and can do many sit-ups and push-ups. Jacque calls me her Rockstar but she is the true ROCKSTAR. She has encouraged me every step of the way. It is possible to lose weight and be fit; I'm proof at 69!

After working out with Jacque as my trainer for over 5 years and retiring from the Cape, I decided the next challenge for me was to become a Personal Trainer myself. My passion is to help those who struggle with performing the Activities of Daily Living.

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